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DK Mountain

My name is D.K. I am a proactive self-learner on the way to training in body and mind.

As a lifelong self-learner, I turned to Eastern philosophy, reading Buddhist and Hindu texts for answers about life and suffering. Though these teachings were influential to me, I was not a monk, and I found that they did not offer me enlightenment. What is the purpose of life?, Who am I?, Why do we suffer? And… Is there an answer?

I believe that honesty lies at the core of a good life. Honesty does not mean just avoiding lying to others; it means confronting one’s own life and actions in a deep and critical way, searching out the truth and not accepting easy answers. This process may be painful at first, but it yields wonderful results in the end.

Enlightenment, I have realized, does not depend on being a Buddhist monk or a mystic, isolated from society for decades. Instead, curiosity about the world and a passion for daily learning are my path to enlightenment.

I hope to share my fulfillment with others.

D.K. Won

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  1. elisa ruland says:

    Thanks for the follow…love you blog!

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